22 May 2013  
 Android App update: Improved image quality and a new Home Screen widget 
We improved the image quality / text clarity for the Home Screen Widget and added another display choice to the PitaPata Android App. There are now three Home Screen Widgets to choose from:
  • A Compact (original) size which will show 1 ticker
  • A Compact Double size which shows 2 tickers
  • A larger Standard version (1 ticker only).
The Compact Double Widget was added to resolve a problem with displaying the Compact widget with a dynamic height on Samsung Galaxy III (and possibly other) phones. Thanks to everyone for your great feedback.

The PitaPata Android App is available in the Google Play store. The App allows you to create and display Dog, Cat and Horse tickers on your Android device without an Internet connection as well as publishing tickers to Facebook etc when you are connected.

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