The ticker ID I entered is invalid. The gadget shows an error message about the number of characters. How do I fix it?

There are two different Desktop gadgets for LilySlim, the Ticker Gadget and the Chart Gadget. If the gadget displays the error message:

The new chart id you entered is not valid. Chart ids must be 20 characters in length ...

It usually means that you have tried to add a ticker ID to a chart gadget , or vice versa. On the Gadget settings panel, above, the options box it will say; Enter your LilySlim chart details, if it is a chart gadget . Or Enter your LilySlim ticker details if it is a Ticker Gadget .

enter chart id

If this is the case, just download and install the Widget you need from the following links:

Ticker Gadget

Chart Gadget