How do I add a ticker to my signature in Opera Mail?

You can use HTML to add the ticker to your Opera Mail signatures.

On PitaPata:

  1. Create your ticker.
  2. Click on the Email tab, and then the Opera link below the preview image to display the HTML code snippet for your ticker.
  3. Click in the code snippet box to select the code snippet
  4. Right click and choose Copy to copy the code snippet to your clipboard.
To add the ticker to your Opera Mail signature, go to your Opera Mail page:
  1. To allow external elements like the ticker image to be displayed, go to View in the mail toolbar, click on Display and then make sure Block External elements is unchecked.
    Uncheck block external elements
  2. Right click on your mail account, click on Properties
    Mail account properties
  3. Click on the Outgoing tab. Make sure Prefer HTML formatting is checked. Then click on the Edit signature.. button near the bottom.
    Outgoing mail properties
  4. Make sure Use HTML Formatting is checked. Click on Insert and then click on <> HTML.
    Select insert HTML
  5. Paste in a copy of the ticker HTML from PitaPata. Click on OK.
    Select insert HTML
  6. Your ticker should now display in the Signature Editor window. Click on Save and you are done.
    Select insert HTML