Is it possible to have ticker calculator on my desktop and have the numbers change?

Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows allow you install an HTML file as part of your Active Desktop and it will automatically update the image when you have your computer online.

Active Desktop is not available on Vista. More about the Vista Desktop.

If you running an earlier version of windows this will still give you an idea how to do install your desktop file, but if you run into problems; you could try a Google search with the phrase
"active desktop windows"
and then whatever version you are running (2000, 95, 98) and you will find more help than I can give you.

  1. Create an HTML file by clicking on the HTML file link under Active Desktop when you create your ticker. Save your HTML file somewhere you can easily find it again eg. in your My Documents folder.
  2. Right click on the desktop and choose Properties from the context menu. OR go to your Control Panel and click on Display.
  3. Click on the Desktop tab and then click on the Customise Desktop button
    Customise Desktop
  4. Click on the Web tab and then click on the New button.
  5. Make sure Lock Desktop Items is unchecked or you will not be able to move and resize your ticker calculator.
    new web
  6. Click on the Browse tab button to navigate to where you saved your HTML file. Then click on the Open button.
  7. Click OK on the New Desktop Item panel
  8. Click OK on the Desktop Items panel
  9. Click OK on the Display properties panel
  10. Your new PitaPata ticker desktop element will open to the default size and location.
  11. To resize it, click on the box in the bottom right hand corner. You will see the double arrow cursor when you're in the right place. Then with the mouse button held down, drag the PitaPata ticker calculator box to the shape you want.
    Where is the baby
    And there is your PitaPata ticker calculator.
    Here's the baby
To move the PitaPata ticker box to where you want it:
  1. Hover the mouse just above the PitaPata ticker Box and it's control bar will appear.
  2. Click and drag on the control bar to position the ticker box wherever you want it.
    Drag the baby