How do I add ticker to my signature in Outlook Express

When you have created your ticker, click on the Outlook link to the right of Email signatures to download an HTML file that you can install in Outlook Express.

To install the file as a signature in Outlook Express:

Click on Tools in the menu bar, then select Options.
select tools then options

Click on the Signature tab, then click on the New button.
new signature

Check Add signatures to all outgoing messages if you want to include the ticker in all your emails.

Choose File and then click on the Browse button to navigate to where you have saved the signature file.
edit signature

Make sure you select All from the Files of type drop-down on the Browse window or you won't see your new HTML file.
browse for baby_ticker.html

Click on the Open button. Which will take you back to the Signature window.

Then click on OK and your done.

If you have followed these instructions and your ticker is displaying as text or a hyperlink, you may need to change the format that you are sending or receiving your emails. There are instructions to change your email format here.