How do I add a ticker to my Wordpress sidebar?

On PitaPata:
  1. Create a ticker then click on the Wordpress link under the Preview image.
  2. Right click in the Code snippet box, and choose Copy to copy the code snippet to your clipboard.
To add the ticker to your Sidebar on Wordpress:
  1. Log in to Wordpress.
  2. In the top menu bar, click on My Sites
  3. click on Customise in the left hand menu.
  4. In the right hand Custom Design frame, click on Widgets and then Sidebar.
  5. Click on Add a Widget, then scroll down and click on Text.
  6. Paste the PitaPata ticker HTML code snippet into the large text box.
  7. Click on the Save button in the Custom Design frame and then the X close link.
Design notes: In most Wordpress themes a mini-ticker with no left-side image will work best in the Wordpress sidebar. If you have a left-size photo with your ticker, you might find that the ticker gets forced down to a separate line. If you use a full-size ticker you might find that the ticker gets compressed or sticks out past the sidebar.

NB The Wordpress Page and Post editors are very flexible, there are various ways that you can add an image to your posts and pages. However, I found that in these cases the image was cached by Wordpress and did not update.