How can I post my ticker to my wall as a Note on Facebook?

You can post it to your wall by making a Note. To do this:
  1. On PitaPata, click on the HTML button under the ticker preview image, then right click in the code snippet box and choose Copy from the context menu to copy the code snippet to your clipboard.
  2. In Facebook, in your Profile, click on the Notes tab. If it isn't displaying click on the + tab and click on Notes.
  3. Click on the Write a note button.
  4. Give your note a title, then right click in the Body field and choose Paste to paste your HTML code snippet into the note.
  5. Click on Publish and it will be sent to your Wall.
Please note:
  • The note only shows the first image on your wall, so you might want to not use it with the left side photo if you want the ticker to be displayed on your wall. Clicking on the note on your wall will take you to the full note. You can place multiple tickers in the note, by pasting in the HTML for more tickers.
  • When you make a note, Facebook caches the ticker image so it will not continue to update.