How do I remove my ticker from MySpace?

It depends on where you have added your ticker. In most cases you just go to where you pasted in the Lilypie HTML, select and delete it.

For instance, this is how I removed it from my Blog header:

In MySpace

  1. In the Profile menu click on My Blog
  2. Click on Customize My Blog. There is a link at the left below your profile image.
  3. Under Page Header in the Your Own Header HTML text box, select and delete your Lilypie HTML.
  4. Click on Update. It is all the way at the bottom of the form.
To remove it from my About Me section in my Profile, I:
  1. Clicked on Edit Profile under the Profile menu.
  2. Selected the PitaPata HTML code snippet in the About me text box, then clicked on my Delete button.

    Please note, for profile 2.0, you will need to select About Me in the left hand menu, to see your HTML code snippet.

  3. Clicked on Save Changes.

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